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A "different" shopping spree with Stafford

Posted by Margaret Clark-Price on September 8, 2013 at 1:35 PM
Once upon a time I went Christmas shopping with Stafford in a most unusual way.
I cannot recall which Christmas Eve it was but I'm thinking it was probably about 6 years ago. I was meandering through my own schedule at home when my phone rang. As I viewed the digital call waiting message that read "Stafford," I felt the usual joy of hearing from him.

"Hi Stafford! How are you and what are you doing this Christmas Eve?"

"Hey Mom, I need your help! It's late here (he was not in NY - he was out of town for a performance) and I'm in a panic because I don't have a gift for Erin yet. I want to get her some record albums (LP's) but most of the stores are closed!"

"Stafford - - don't panic, yet. It's almost 8pm where you are and I know you can get the older LP's which you are looking for from Goodwill (my favorite store) and they're probably still open. Since you don't have a car with you, call a cab!"

"Ok Mom, hang on. We're going shopping! Hey -- there's a cab!"

(Pause) as he talks with the cabbie.

"Mom! He knows of a Goodwill nearby and we're on our way."

As "we" traveled through the streets, Stafford pointed out all of the sights, sounds and Christmas lights. "There's Goodwill Mom! Hang on!"

"Stafford - tell the Cabbie to wait for you!" (Running back and waving his arms and yelling, he was able to "catch" the cabbie and he did in fact, wait for him!) "Mom! They're locking the door!"

"Stafford -- run to the door and put on your "sad" face! He'll let you in!!"

I could hear Stafford's pleading voice: "It's Christmas Eve -- I only need 5 minutes to get some LP's for my wife's gift." The door latch clicked and I heard a voice say, "Okay - but make it quick. The record album section is over there!"

"Mom! I'm in!! We're running down the aisle now and look! There's a "s___ load of albums!! You were right! Wow! Look at this one, and this one, and wow! she'll love this one," etc.

He was able to load up his arms with about 15 to 20 albums and ran back to the checkout stand. As he paid for his purchase he said: "Mom! She's going to love these - especially since I just got her a record player!"

I then heard him say to the fellow who had opened the door: "Hey Dude! You made my wife's Christmas!! Thanks a millions!"

Climbing into the waiting cab, he gave him an address where he was staying. Then he said to me: "Hey Mom! This was great! Thanks for going shopping with me! Oh! By the way, Merry Christmas!"

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