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Even life is temporary!

Posted by Margaret Clark-Price on March 20, 2017 at 4:10 PM

Life, with all of its ups and downs, has moved on according to plan!  Three months ago, on the anniversary of Stafford's passing, that sharp stab of loss was felt again! Once more I looked into the sky and tried to find the sunlight that filled my every day! It has been dimmed considerably but, knowing I shall see my son again, I sense clouds drifiting away!

Loss is part of living ... as is birth and death ... and as the years go by, I become more accepting of the inevitable.  I must admit that the peace, tranquility and the ultimate escape from the malcontent of this earthly world alleviates any fear of the unknown. For many of my loved ones who have already escaped this existence, I find myself thinking that I am happy they are finally surrounded by peace, eternal light and love.  I understand the living are left to suffer the pain of loss but, because I have grown to accept the inevitable, I realize everything in life -- including life -- is temporary. The only permanency we mere humans have is eternal love and light.

Thus, I shall continue to love my sons, my precious grandchildren, my family, and friends with all my human might so as to leave a footprint of some sort behind.

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