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Huron/Wyandot Art

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Thinking back when the boys were little, loving and awesome!

Posted by Margaret Clark-Price on February 5, 2018 at 10:15 PM

On this chilly evening, I am reminded of a roaring fire in the fireplace or in a makeshift pit while camping. I conjure mental images of the crackling, hissing and popping tree sap and I can almost feel the warmth enveloping my feet and legs. The closer I leaned into the firelight, the more I felt a near-searing of my face.

In the open night air, I can almost smell the pine of the trees and the dank earth that nourishes the pine, ponderosa and pinon.

Mixed into nature's aromas is the sweet smell of marshmallows roasting on sticks that my boys had whittled earlier under a lazy afternoon sun. And, of course, there is the unique bubbling sound and indescribable "perfume" of percolating coffee on an open flame!

I recall watching the "night rise" as the "black" rose from the ground, crept up the trunks of the trees and soon enveloped all of the earth. Valleys, mountains, hills, rivers, arroyos and sandstone canyons soon disappeared, along with the horned toads, lizards, rattlers, armadillos and field mice. My childish fears of these small creatures faded into obscurity as well and my reward was a star-filled sky that sang a twinkling song.

The marshmallow-stained faces of my sleeping boys will forever be imprinted upon my memory banks. They were "my cherubs" all curled up in bed or sleeping bags.

It was only natural for me to finally stretch out upon Mother Earth amidst pine needles and sagebrush where I stared into the abyss of galactic twinkling orbs. I oftentimes contemplated the mere existence of me, my sons, my family, the human race.

It was a good time to be alive in a world that held hope and promise.

Tonight, I wrap myself in the smoke of days gone by......... I burn sage in thanksgiving for my blessings and I burn sweetgrass in HOPE for mankind................................

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